About POC Management

POC Management Ltd. was founded in 2007 by the Managing Director to provide Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP) services to corporate clients. This developed from his efforts to create and deliver the most successful private criminal prosecution process in English Legal history, for the UK’s largest media brand.

We have since evolved, through investment in accreditations, technology and developing our team to become one of the UK’s leading specialist security suppliers. We now offer a wide range of services, bespoke to our client’s needs, whilst still maintaining the PCP concept and skills.

By adopting this specialist attitude, we invest where it matters – on the front line. The Directors are not afraid to attend sites and work alongside the security operatives, ensuring a better understanding of the requirements of the role and that all needs are met.

POC Management is NOT your usual security guarding company. We bring a fresh perspective to an industry that has been watered down by endless TUPE takeovers, needless layers of management and minimum wage staff with no pride or motivation to deliver the service expected. POC operatives are handpicked by our Directors based on their skills and experience, and are rewarded with competitive pay rates and access to a wealth of knowledge amongst their peers.

When large security firms have failed to deliver on government contracts, due to disjointed management structures and poorly skilled, unmotivated staff, POC Management has stepped up to deliver on highly specialist and confidential operations, utilising our extensive policing backgrounds, and sometimes working directly for the Head of Intelligence for the Home Office.

Our reputation for delivering market leading investigative and security support has led to engagement with clients such as:


                          - Ministry of Justice
                          - Home Office
                          - Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency
                          - Multiple NHS Trusts and CCGs
                          - Her Majesty’s Prison Service
                          - Airbus Group UK
                          - Vodafone
                          - T-Systems
                          - Amazon UK
                          - Yodel

 - Dragon Infrastructure Solutions
 - SmartWater Technology Ltd.
 - J Murphy & Sons. Ltd.
 - VolkerRail Ltd.
 - Winvic
 - InPost
 - UK Mail
 - Various specialist solicitors firms
 - BT Sport Studio at the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park


We constantly strive to build on our previous successes by exceeding our client’s expectations on a daily basis, enhancing our reputation and gaining a wider client base.

By embracing training, development and accreditation, we look to grow POC Management in the right way, ensuring our operatives go about their work in the right way, and our client’s needs are met in the right way.

We are members of the specialist security section of the British Security Industry Association, we have registered on the RISQS Procurement facility, and we became and SIA Approved Contractor for Security Guarding in October 2014 – building on our well established ISO9001 Quality Management System. We are also ready to comply with the SIA Business Licensing changes as they are introduced by the SIA.

As a result of our work in the Government sector, many of our operatives, including the Directors, are security vetted to Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) Home Office & Foreign and Commonwealth Office requirements, and maintain good links within strategic levels amongst the national law enforcement arena. Our Directors have worked at a strategic level amongst highly specialist policing teams, such as the Metropolitan Police’s Covert Policing Command, within Intelligence Units, and major investigation teams.

As an example, the Managing Director of POC Management Ltd (Craig Morris), in his previous position as Head of Investigations & Intelligence at a global telecommunications giant, represented the UK Telecoms Fraud Forum (TUFF) at a senior level, sitting on the BTP Gold Command National Intelligence Model (NIM) meetings for organised precious metal theft, chaired by the then BTP Assistant Chief Constable, (Paul Crowther), and who is now the Chief Constable for the British Transport Police as well as the ACPO representative for metal theft.

Our relationships with local Police forces and British Transport Police are as strong as ever, allowing us access to the most up to date and relevant intelligence regarding all crimes occurring on the rail network, including information from Counter Terrorism Command and the Director of BTP Intelligence, with whom we have a strong professional alliance with.

As you can clearly see, our significant UK policing background of the senior leadership and management team really separates us from the masses, and our ability to know what is happening, and where, gives us the much needed edge against our competitors, and most importantly enhances our ability to offer you protection.