Our Team

From our Directors down to our operatives, we are proud to have a strong team with extensive knowledge and a vast skill set.

We demand the very best from our team, so we take great care in recruiting the right people. Our considerable background in policing breeds the right mentality throughout our company, and the majority of our team comes from either police or military backgrounds. All of our operatives are fully trained and qualified to the appropriate level before they undertake any task.

We find that having the right methods and mentality gives us the edge over our competitors. Our operatives maintain a professional attitude at all times, are highly motivated to go above and beyond for our clients and have the knowledge and skills to perform to the highest standard. The better we look after our people, the better they look after you.

Craig Morris

Managing Director

Craig is the founder of our company and has extensive knowledge from his background as a Detective Constable in Essex & Northamptonshire Police and as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the British Army. His success in Private Prosecutions has led to the creation of an intelligence-led Specialist Security & Investigations company.

An expert in Investigations, Asset Protection and Security Management, Craig also has an extensive track-record in the design and implementation of Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP) solutions and pro-active intelligence led operations.

He has worked across Public and Private sectors, providing specialist solutions and investigations in support of restorative justice strategies, criminal and private prosecutions, the Proceeds of Crime Act, employment law and anti-corruption procedures.


David Matthews

Director of Operations

David has a vast background in investigations from his time as a Detective Constable in the Northamptonshire and Metropolitan Police.

As an experienced Detective Officer, he has global knowledge and expertise in Covert Policing Tactics, both as an Operational Detective investigating serious and organised crime both in the UK and abroad, and as an Intelligence Operative involved in the recruiting, handling and debriefing of global intelligence assets.

David has brought this wealth of experience to POC Management, developing our investigative practices into market leading solutions. 


Business Team

We have developed our management teams to control, maintain and grow all aspects of the business. We spend time and effort to make sure we are legal and compliant with every task we undertake, with a lot of work done behind the scenes to make sure we have all the proper accreditations and qualifications.

Marketing and growing the business ensures our future, and we take every step to make sure we are first point of call when you need a specialist security solution.

All aspects of recruitment, vetting, administration and finances are managed successfully by our highly capable team. 


Technical Team

We have a skilled team available for installations of CCTV and Physical security measures, such as alarms, access controls and larger measures such as gates and fences. No job is too big or too complex for our teams of experts.


Operations Team

We have a vast group of multi-skilled operatives that have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to carry out any task. From manned-guarding to undercover operations, we have the right people in place to deliver results.


Control Centre Team

Our Control Centre at our Northampton HQ is the main hub for any project, where every task we undertake has a dedicated controller ensuring full communication with our operatives. Our Control Centre team have an immense knowledge of our assignments, ensuring a professionally run project from start to finish.


We maintain a highly professional attitude through the whole of our organization in everything we do, making us stand out from the crowd.