Additional Services

Retail Security Services

The Directors of P.O.C. have extensive experience in retail counter-fraud, particularly security and audit. Our history of successful cost effective investigations is quite impressive and we would be happy to tell you more so please feel free to contact us.

Load Protection

We can provide physical and technical options to support the security of high value asset transportation.

Case Reviews (Live & Cold)

P.O.C. Management Ltd can strategically review an ongoing or cold investigation, claim or other similar incident offering new and fresh options.

Vetting Services

We provide a discreet vetting service on existing and prospective employees. This service includes potential immigration issues.

Moonlighting Employees

Long-term absenteeism is becoming a bigger problem and we at P.O.C. have significant experience in providing evidence of such employees, who are secretly employed elsewhere. We have utilised our descrete and highly professional covert surveillance services in this area many times before and these operations, often short-term, have led to speedy and appropriate professional resolutions that are not only cost effective but highly competitive too. Such operations also provide you with an excellent return on your investment, as there really is nothing more challenging and annoying than having to pay the wages of a slacker or blatant bad apple, particularly when such wasted revenue could be invested in more productive staff or in projects that matter.

For more information or to ask us a question, drop us a line, we'd be delighted to help

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