Overt Cameras

There really is no escape from CCTV cameras in the modern world, as both the public and private sectors quite rightly include them in their security risk strategies.

Often the most effective way to deter crime is the obvious presence of cameras.


We have an expert team of technicians with vast experience in many areas, ranging from covert operations with the UK Police and Law Enforcement to large-scale corporate CCTV installation, monitoring and maintenance providers.

We source the widest range of equipment from a large number of approved suppliers. From our range of economy cameras that offer great coverage on a budget, to specific cameras with specialist lenses and bespoke systems to capture images where other cameras just won’t measure up, you can be confident that we are providing you with the best equipment to suit your needs.

Whether you require 100% coverage of an immense warehouse, an upgrade to your current system, or target a specific problem with covert cameras, we can provide the most cost effective, simple solution.

We have carried out a large number of highly effective overt CCTV system installs ranging from small office based or domestic applications, to complete system upgrades and bespoke integrated systems with 50+ cameras covering large scale warehouse environments. 

The benefits outweigh the cons, and working with POC will maximize the utilization and effectiveness of your CCTV system, whilst allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that you are fully compliant. With this unique blend of knowledge there is no job too big or too small for our professional teams to carry out.