Technical Security Measures

Technical security measures often work hand-in-hand with CCTV Systems.

We have specialist skills, knowledge and experience to design the best security system to keep you and your premises safe.



Our Technical Services Team has vast experience and knowledge of installing, upgrading and maintaining alarm systems.

We can utilise equipment such as Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs) and Door and Window Contacts to give you maximum coverage, or cover specific areas such as external entrances or vulnerable points of your building. We will provide you with a bespoke design to fit your needs.

The system can work together with your CCTV system to create a complete physical security package to give your premises the best protection possible.


Access Control

You may wish to control who has access to your premises or certain areas within it. We can guide you in the necessary steps to take for maximum security.

Key card entry, code locks, magnetic locks and biometric Sensors can all be deployed on to gates and doors so that you can control who goes where. We source our equipment from trusted suppliers and test it thoroughly before installation, giving you maximum trust in the products we use.

Our technicians can devise a customized system that works best for you and your organisation.