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Creating Health & Safety Policy and Procedure

We can assess, guide and develop your policies and procedures to make sure you are fully compliant.

To touch upon the areas of relevance to you and your organization, POC can provide support for managing violence and aggression, the use of work equipment, confined spaces, dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres, volatile organic compounds control, as each of the statutory instruments contains a subset of legal requirements that you MUST adhere to.

There are many more new regulations such as, Planning (Hazardous Substances) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2010 and the Health and Safety (Education and Training) Bill EC Regulation No 1336/2008 being implemented, which could be extremely important to your organisation. Even Varnishes and Vehicle Refinishing Products (Amendment) 2010 are an area that MUST be considered and dealt with accordingly under your internal risk mitigation strategies.

Our expert knowledge can be applied so that you meet all the regulations.

We have many policies that can be applied to your business.

To view some examples and to see how they can be applied to you, click below.

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