Penetration Tests

At POC Management, we can offer you tried and tested methods of assessing how secure your building is. We can assess how easy it is to get in and out of your premises, often with your goods in hand, and help you identify the areas in which you can improve.

A penetration test is a proactive and authorized attempt to evaluate your security infrastructure. If you feel you have a weak spot, or simply want to know how good your security team is, we have the skills to put your security measures to the test.

Our operatives have great experience in this area, and each test can be bespoke to your needs. You may want to see how far into your building we can get, how effective your physical security measures are, or how easy it is to steal items from the shelves without being challenged. We can identify the chinks in your armour and help you put in place measures to make yourself far more secure.

If caught, our operatives will discreetly produce documentation authorizing them to carry out the tests. The amount of people this is declared to will be kept to a minimum, protecting the integrity of any further tests we carry out for you until after the evaluation stage.

By being proactive in our approach, we can make your security measures far more effective.