Protection For Whistleblowers

Worried about malpractice or wrongdoing happening in your workplace? Unsure how to deal with it through worry of losing your job or being victimised?

Rest assured you can ‘blow the whistle’ on the misconduct and be protected from losing your job and/or being victimised by your employer.


The official name for whistleblowing is ‘making a disclosure in the public interest’, however it is much more commonly called ‘blowing the whistle’ or ‘whistleblowing’. It means that if you believe there is wrongdoing in your workplace (eg your employer is committing a criminal offence) you can report this by following the correct processes, and your employment rights are protected.

If you decide to blow the whistle on an organisation you are protected and your employer cannot victimise you (eg by not offering you a promotion or other opportunities your employer would have otherwise offered).

Whistleblowers are protected for public interest, to encourage people to speak out if they find malpractice in an organisation or workplace.

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