Retail Intelligence Unit

We have formulated a service that caters for the challenges of the retail sector, particularly shopping malls, busy high streets, regular marketplaces and out of town shopping centres.

Our aim is to remove the stress and workload of managing all security risks, so you can concentrate on your customers.

We understand many of the challenges you are facing, such as:

             - Shoplifting
             - Pick-pocketing
             - Illegal Busking
             - Begging
             - Entrenched Street Drinkers
             - Smash & Grab attacks
             - Event Management
             - Product Launches
             - Store Openings
             - Cash In Transit Delivery & Collection
             - Night Time Economy
Clearly there are several more challenges facing you, which we can deal with to help you focus on managing your shopping environment.

We will support the business plans of the retail management team and give advice and guidance where appropriate.