Emergency Planning & Testing

Emergency Planning

We have broad experience within the NHS Emergency Planning arena.

With expert knowledge of the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) and how it applies to different areas of the NHS and public sectors, we can create action plans to deal with any potential threat, risk or disaster. This ensures you are compliant with the CCA, but also that your staff, patients and visitors are kept safe throughout any incident.

We can create a multi-agency response plan to deal with a multitude of potential threats, such as:

          - Terrorist Attacks
          - Large Fires
          - Large Transport Accidents
          - Flooding
          - Flu Pandemic

We will work with the emergency services to ensure maximum safety for all individuals involved, as well as effective containment and control over any event.


Emergency Plan Testing

Your NHS Standard Contract requires you to effectively test your Emergency Plans. We have vast experience in creating and running exercises to test, manage and improve your plans, whether it’s a desktop exercise or a fully live role play scenario.

We can monitor performance and offer analysis and improvement measures in a full report. We have run many exercises to test various plans, such as:

          - CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) incidents
          - Bomb/Explosive incidents (useful in conjunction with Project Argus & Project Griffin training) 
          - Major Incident Plan testing
          - Public Health Scenarios
          - Business Continuity Plan testing
          - Evacuation
          - Lockdown

The NHS standard contract states that exercises such as these are mandatory for Acute Trusts, with annual desktop exercises and 3 yearly live exercises as a minimum requirement. They can be costly, and take several weeks of planning. Why not let POC manage this workload for you in a cost-effective manner, whilst maximizing the learning potential?