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Introduction to Standards for Commissioners

As of 1st April 2015 NHS Protect - the organisation responsible for security management in the NHS - released Standards for Commissioners in conjunction with NHS England. The new Standards for Commissioners are aimed at setting out what is expected from commissioning bodies with regards to their own security management arrangements, and emphasises the importance of ensuring that the security management providers are following accepted ‘best practice’ methods.

The NHS Standard Contract places clear obligations on provider organisations with regards to security management activity, which needs to be assured by commissioners to ensure contractual compliance. The new Standards for Commissioners will assist providers and commissioners to better understand the key roles that both parties play in this contractual arrangement, and ensure that services provided to the NHS are delivered in a safe and secure environment.

There are currently eleven Commissioner Standards, which are divided into four specific categories and explain the relevant compliance requirements. They reflect NHS Protect’s anti-crime strategy aimed at tackling crime in the NHS. The four categories are;

          - Strategic Governance
          - Inform and Involve
          - Prevent and Deter
          - Hold to account

In order to be compliant with the Standards for Commissioners, every commissioning body will now need to allocate an appropriately skilled and qualified person, responsible for ensuring that security management provisions are compliant with the relevant clauses contained in the NHS Standard Contract.

This person will be the main point of contact with NHS Protect operational teams, through which support, guidance, and quality assurance will be obtained. This qualified person will also be responsible for the security management arrangements of the commissioning body itself, which may also be subject to the NHS Protect Quality Assurance process.


Our Solution

At POC Management Limited we have skills and experience gained from providing security management services to the NHS in both provider and commissioning organisations. Our team of NHS Protect trained and accredited Security Management Specialists will support our clients in implementing and maintaining effective processes, which meet your specific security management and compliance needs.

By selecting POC Management Limited, rather than employing an individual, you gain access to all of these skills, which would be impossible to find for the annual salary range of an internally employed accredited Local Security Management Specialist (LSMS). By selecting our outsourcing option, commissioners will avoid the hidden costs of employment such as; National Insurance contributions, Pensions, Holiday Pay, Absence through sickness, Training, Induction costs, and many other HR costs.

Understanding the current financial and governance pressures prevalent in the NHS, it is essential in our view, that the right solution is made available to commissioners who need to address their contractual security management provision efficiently, and economically.

To understand more about your compliance requirements or make further enquiries on pricing options, please get in touch - we will be pleased to meet with you and offer our advice and assistance with all of your security management concerns.

Standards for Commissioners 2015-16

Security Management

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