Specialist Security

POC operatives are not your usual security guards. They are highly trained and experienced – many with Level 3 Professional Investigators qualification, have a good understanding of our technical equipment and often come from policing or military backgrounds. This means you get three sought after skill sets in one:

         - Military quality disciplined professional security guards

         - Investigative skills & legislative knowledge far exceeding our rivals

         - Can utilise the technology available to them to maximum effect

Several recent security guarding contracts have been successfully carried out by these personnel, including the high profile construction of the BT Sport iCity Studios at the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park with a value of over £1bn, the protection of military aircraft parts in storage and transit, and an on-going contract securing the power upgrade to the East Coast Mainline and the Trans-Pennine Line. We identified multiple criminal attempts, and mitigated a high number of attempted security breaches, while the integrity of POC Management operatives has never been called into question.

We have a proven track record of delivering high visibility security solutions in many arenas.