Specialist Security - Asset Protection

POC Management has a proven track record of protecting high value assets when they are most vulnerable. We provide detailed assessments, method statements and full and regular reports, whilst developing our strategy to further mitigate any risks.

Our teams of highly specialized ex-police or ex-military personnel all have extensive experience in the protection of assets, threat assessment, and traffic management & defensive driving.

Whatever the assets you wish to protect, we will provide a detailed plan, developed with you, to ensure that there is as little risk as possible.

From our experience in this field we know there are many solutions for every assignment, therefore we will evaluate every angle before suggesting the best way to accomplish the task.

We conduct surveys on every location your assets will be stored; assessing the risks, gathering local intelligence and developing plans to mitigate any threats.

During transit we deploy mobile teams to guide and secure the assets, and by utilizing intelligence gained from our ground operatives and local authorities, we manage projects safely and efficiently from start to finish.

By assessing all risks thoroughly and professionally, and maintaining a highly visible or covert presence, you can concentrate on your business without worrying about the safety of your assets in our care.

Our end-to-end protection solutions ensure the safe storage and transit of high value assets.