Specialist Security - Counter Terrorism

Terrorism continues to feature regularly in the media and for good reason. With the current National Threat level at SEVERE, we are seeing members of IS attacking offices in Paris and Coffee Shops in Sydney, wondering if the next 7/7 is just around the corner.

In March 2013, the Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osborne told press:

 "On average we've probably had about one potential attack planned with an intent to create something similar to July 7 every year. The UK threat as we stand today remains at substantial, which means that a terrorist attack remains a strong possibility and could occur without warning. Some who have been trained actually are becoming quite self-motivated, they are beginning to plan in small groups which are hard to detect,"


Since then the threat level has increased, so clearly there is a need for organizations to ensure they are helping to combat this ever-growing threat.

This can be done through training of employees, the upgrade of physical security measures, or simply the reporting of suspicious information to the police and security services. 

Whatever steps your company decides to take, POC can provide the assistance required; from the initial risk assessment, through to the provision of training and physical security measures.

A specialist from POC can attend your premises, speaking with key individuals, and quickly create a policy document bespoke to your particular environment and risk. This can be followed up with training for staff members.

We can also offer other Emergency Planning policies, such as Major Incident Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Lockdown action plans, and many other policies you can adopt to protect your employees, customers, and your company reputation.