Specialist Security - Multiple Site Management

Whilst other security companies reduce their numbers on the ground to cut costs, only POC Management can deliver more security knowledge and experience with fewer individuals deployed.

By using the highest calibre of Security Officer with an experienced management team and smart planning, we can offer a high level of security without large numbers of guards on site.


POC Management operatives are not your usual security guards. They are highly trained and experienced – many with Level 3 Professional Investigators qualification, have a good understanding of our technical equipment and often come from policing or military backgrounds. This means you get three sought after skill sets in one:


               - Military quality disciplined professional security guards
               - Investigative skills and legislative knowledge far exceeding rival providers
               - Can utilise the technology available to them to maximum effect


We have a proven track record of delivering high visibility security solutions in many arenas, which has led to our involvement with the multi-billion pound power upgrade to the rail network.

By combining manned-guarding, mobile response units and CCTV coverage, we can comprehensively cover large-scale sites or multiple sites. All operations are run through the POC Control Room at our HQ in Northampton, and our operatives stay in constant communication with a dedicated controller, using the latest nationwide 128-bit encrypted radio systems with GPS monitoring. This ensures up-to-date intelligence can be shared, recorded and acted upon, reducing the risk to your sites.

Our teams of highly skilled and experienced operatives act as a visible deterrent, as well as maintaining the integrity of their site. We maintain a highly professional attitude through the whole of our organization in everything we do, making us stand out from the crowd.