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Fire Awareness Training

Whatever the size of your company, all your staff members need fire awareness training.

A fire in or near to your business premises is one of those scenarios you think will never happen to you. Unfortunately this can lead to complacency, and therefore the risk of missing a potential fire hazard.

Fire and Health and Safety legislation require employers to provide fire training for ALL staff by law. It also requires employers to train staff at least every 12 months. POC Management will work with you to ensure that a cost effective and relevant training environment is provided.

Our Fire Awareness Training ensures that each and every staff member in your organization is aware of the risks, and understands the importance of dealing with them immediately. The training will empower your staff members to react to a fire, in the appropriate manner, whether fighting it safely with the equipment provided or by evacuating your entire premises calmly and professionally, to prevent a loss of life or casualties.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 states that the responsible person must ensure that their employees are provided with adequate safety training:

           - At the time when they are first employed
           - On being exposed to new or increased risks because of:
                   - Change of responsibilities
                   - Introduction of new equipment
                   - Introduction of new technology
                   - New system of work
           - Suitable and sufficient instruction and training on precautions and actions:
                   - Be repeated periodically where appropriate
                   - Adapted to take account of new or changed risks
                   - Provided in an appropriate manner to the risk identified
                   - Takes place during working hours

Make sure you are compliant by taking advantage of our Fire Awareness Training.

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