Asset Security

Airbus UK are responsible for the manufacture of military wing sets for their A400M heavy transport aircraft. These wings are manufactured in the UK and transported to the final assembly plant in Europe. Each wing is worth multiple millions of pounds, and the client brief to POC stated that they must not suffer any damage or industrial espionage activity whatsoever during transit.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the equipment used, its military status, and the general risk of damage to the products whilst transported, POC were selected to carry out the security escort function, where the current national security provider felt they were unable to.

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs granted Airbus an Open General Export License after assessing POC’s security operation, which was an essential, business-critical element to the client.

This demonstrates POC’s abilities in a nutshell – as a global security provider, with a multi-billion pound annual turnover, felt that the activities above were far too specialist and high risk for them to carry out, so they turned to POC for assistance. Whilst small in size, POC are huge in skill and experience, with no project too complex or high risk for our operatives.

Since 2012, POC have taken part in numerous wing movements, without a single incident. The operation involves highly skilled driving on some of the UK’s busiest road networks, putting in rolling roadblocks, defensive driving manoeuvres, and utilising specialist equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, and microwave emitting perimeter detection kit, to ensure the assets are never at risk either in temporary storage or in transit.