Covert Cameras

Further demonstrating POC Management Limited’s deep understanding of crime, we have taken part in numerous covert operations to identify offenders within national and global brands, such as Amazon, GeoPost DPD, XPO Logistics and Yodel.

With a complete understanding of the complex legislation surrounding covert tactics, as well as the potential damage to the brands involved, POC operatives deployed covert camera systems into areas where large numbers of thefts were suspected. Within a matter of hours, suspects were being identified by the highly skilled POC footage review staff in our purpose-built viewing suite, and evidential bundles were prepared for the loss prevention teams, and the police.

Over a period of 18 months, over 500 employees were identified having committed thefts, some with values in the thousands of pounds. Not only were these individuals dealt with swiftly thanks to the evidence packages created by POC, the brands also saw a massive reduction in losses, and a marked improvement in staff behaviour and standards.

The Directors of the brands involved have all stated that they would be happy to provide a reference of our outstanding successes.