Gas Site Security

In April 2016 POC Management were awarded the Security Contract to protect a National Grid Gas Compressor Station. The station is undergoing major redevelopment works including breaching the main fence to the compound, allowing workers to access the compound to perform their duties.

We were tasked with managing the two access points to the site; 1) securing the main gate, and 2) securing the perimeter breach point. The site also employs perimeter detection equipment, which allows us to concentrate on the main access points and work with the National Grid ARC if a perimeter breach is detected. To date, there have been no incidents involving site breaches or theft on this site.

Because of the nature of the site, safety is paramount. Our Security Officers maintain this principle throughout all of their duties – ensuring workers have had their safety briefing, they are not carrying any banned items that could cause a spark and are of course authorised to be on site. This is an extremely busy site working to a very tight construction deadline and the Contractor relies heavily on POC to efficiently manage the access/egress of workers, machinery and deliveries.

The site itself is a potential terrorist target, so all POC Security Officers are trained in Counter Terrorism and Conflict Management. Various processes have been designed in conjunction with the Principal Contractor to ensure any suspicious behaviour or suspect packages are dealt with safely and correctly. We have developed a good relationship with the local Police and Community Support Officers to ensure we get their full support in the event of an incident.

By using dedicated Security Officers for this site, we have been able to establish a good working relationship from the outset and it has allowed our team to get to know the regular work force – making it that much harder for an unknown person to gain access to the site.

As part of our contract, National Grid will send operatives unannounced to try and gain access to the site and test the professionalism of the POC Operatives, which we have passed on every occasion.

As a result of our success on this project, we are now part of the East of England Gas Valve project, securing various sites in the East Anglia region.