NHS Security Management

POC operatives understand security to such a degree, that the fourth largest employer in the world – the National Health Service, chooses them to take a strategic overview of its security risks. Not only does this involve carrying out criminal investigations, but also ensuring policies, procedures and the physical buildings are safe and fit for purpose. POC Security Management Specialists provide strategic advice on matters such as counter-terrorism, emergency planning, lone worker arrangements, reduction of violence and aggression, mental health matters, use of force and restraint techniques, conflict resolution, and crime reduction methods.

This requires a partnership approach to crime reduction, working alongside the police, local authorities, other NHS organisations, charities, and the local community. POC have a great track record, having worked in some of the most prestigious and high-risk NHS Trusts, such as University College London Hospitals, and West London Mental Health Trust (incorporating Broadmoor), Hillingdon, West Middlesex and Ealing Hospitals London as well as Queens Hospital Romford.

POC’s specialism in creating lockdown plans and risk assessment in the counter terrorism arena are in high demand. Planning for an active-shooter scenario is a complex and demanding task, and one that several of our major clients have utilised. Our Security Management Specialists understand security, risk, and crime, and know how to deal with and plan for any security threat.

“I called upon the plethora of skills within the POC Management team in order to prepare my NHS organisation. Their ability to carry out strategic, tactical, and operational tasks to the highest standards impressed not only myself, but also all of my colleagues, so much so, that we have engaged POC on several other complex projects, which they have never failed to deliver upon. We look forward to working together on other security, emergency planning, and risk projects in the future.”

Brian Jones, Head of Emergency Planning, Resilience, and Response, NHS North West London.