Covert Cameras


POC Management are currently engaged in a number of major operations focused on reducing huge losses through theft and malpractice, as well as investigating professional standards issues and malpractice. 

We formulate a strategy that identifies key vulnerabilities in several areas, and we covertly deploy CCTV cameras to capture any thefts or professional standards activity. We apply the strict Codes of Practice pursuant to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) to all our activities, regardless of whether it is legally required or not, to safeguard all involved and ensure proportionality and necessity.

We have an extensive and successful track record working with some of the world’s biggest brands and logistics companies targeting theft, professional standards issues and other misconduct.


POC Technicians will attend sites under a suitable cover to carry out a site survey and determine the best equipment for the task. The surveys and subsequent installations will be carried out at whatever time you specify – we offer a 24/7 service to maintain our cover.

 All equipment is of the highest specification and is prepared and checked in advance, minimising the time spent on site. Our cameras can be hidden in almost any device, from smoke detectors to plugs, lamps and picture frames. There is simply no way to see them unless you know they are there.


Our highly experienced footage review teams provide quick results and a complete evidential package at no extra cost, offering you the complete end-to-end package.

Once footage is recovered, our highly experienced review team will explore the footage looking carefully for suspected incidents of theft, professional standards concerns, health & safety incidents and any other intelligence. Incidents are quickly shared with our client with supporting statements at no extra cost.

Our covert footage review has led to a huge amount of dismissals, arrests and convictions. We liaise with your security teams and the authorities to build a solid case against the offender. We assemble an evidence package that leaves no stone unturned and can lead to the uncovering of other offences that can offer up valuable intelligence regarding criminality in and around your organisation. 

 We recognise the need for continuity and offer you full support throughout the judicial or disciplinary process to ensure that justice is served.