Security Auditing


In order to ensure your own security teams are meeting your requirements, POC can perform unannounced site visits to assess the performance and processes of the incumbent security providers.

We will discuss the performance measures and requirements you currently have in place and design a bespoke assessment to evaluate your current security provision against your security needs.

The visit will consist of two stages, incorporating a covert and overt test of the security measures, practices and protocols in place - identifying strengths and weaknesses and offering recommendations for improvements.

Stage 1 – COVERT

  • Perform site reconnaissance
  • Perform a penetration test

Stage 2 – OVERT

  • Perform a site security audit:
  • Observations of activities
  • View Daily Occurrence Log, paperwork and data
  • Physical and Technical Security Measures:
  • CCTV audit including monitoring practices
  • Access Control audit
  • Incident reporting, escalation and management
  • Communication methods
  • Code of Conduct
  • Performance measures (Assignment Instructions, KPIs, etc.)

A full report and supporting evidence (e.g. photos, video recordings, covert body cameras and microphones, etc.) will be provided along with improvement recommendations.

This will enable the client to have an accurate measure of the security provision on their site(s) and can lead to individual or region-wide action plans to enhance the level of security provided.