Crime Reduction Survey


The purpose of a crime reduction survey is to review the overall security of the site – the protection offered to the assets and staff contained within the site and identifying and assessing security risks in relation to acts of criminal activity; burglary, theft, assault and criminal damage.

The survey applies the Home Office 10 principles of crime reduction that will highlight weaknesses within the current security arrangements and provide recommendations as necessary that will increase the security and safety of staff, visitors and assets of the site. Local crime statistics and internal incidents will be reviewed and taken into consideration to ascertain the specific risks of the site.

The Home Office 10 principles of crime reduction are:

  • Target Hardening
  • Target Removal
  • Removing the Means to Commit Crime
  • Reducing the Pay-Off
  • Access Control
  • Visibility / Surveillance
  • Environmental Change
  • Rule Setting
  • Increasing the Chances of Being Caught
  • Deflecting Offenders

We also develop SMART objectives:

Specific - All objectives have specific outcomes.

Measurable - The outcome of an objective should be capable of being measured.

Achievable - Describe what can be achieved within the timescales and resources available.

Realistic - Objectives describing something that can actually be done.

Time bound - A deadline is set by which the objective is to be achieved.

We will provide a full written report and presentation to key stakeholders, detailing our findings, complete with evidence and recommendations to raise your security levels and mitigate the identified risks.