Intelligence Management


POC can implement risk, incident and intelligence management frameworks into your business, meaning you can manage and mitigate risks and incidents effectively.

Following years of research and extensive implementation in ‘real world’ scenarios, we have devised a Business Risk Incident Management Model (BRIMM) that allows organisations to take a structured approach when managing security incident risks.

Our experience has shown that organisations often take a piece-meal approach to managing security incidents but this does not allow them to utilise their resources effectively. By adopting the Business Risk Incident Management Model framework, organisations will be ensuring it integrates into existing processes and organisational structures to enable critical business functions to continue operating with minimal disruption. This should strengthen and improve the credibility and capability of the organisation to effectively manage incidents thereby protecting assets and business reputation.

Originally the framework was adapted from the National Intelligence Model (NIM), which is the cornerstone of all UK law enforcement agency operations, and it breaks down all inappropriate activity into three tier levels. The BRIMM, however, impacts upon all business areas in an organisation including the Security Department, IT, Operations, Finance and Human Resources. Every member of staff has a role to play within the Model and can contribute to its effective implementation.

An intelligence-led security function, by its very nature, relies on information. Capabilities must be built-in, enabling information to be gathered, recorded, evaluated, disseminated, retained and disclosed as necessary from a range of available information sources. Employees often submit information with no certainty of its potential relevance.

The BRIMM allows organisations to consolidate resources, collect the correct information and fill identified knowledge gaps. This model has been proven as being an efficient management tool for the processing of information, to quickly realise how your business can be affected and allow you to make informed decisions on strategic and tactical elements of the business.