Threat Analysis


Construction projects will almost always be opposed for one reason or another, and the higher the profile of the build is, the more resistance you will meet. Unfortunately, this resistance can often turn into protests or criminal actions, arranged and carried out by various ‘anti’ groups, which can damage your assets or delay your work schedule – either way it will ultimately cost you money.

In order to identify and mitigate these risks, it is essential that the main contractor be in possession of current and actionable intelligence in relation to risks posed to the project and its assets. POC can achieve this by identifying and monitoring risks through Open Source Intelligence Gathering and Internet Investigation, which are at the fore on 21st century asset and reputation protection.

Mitigation of threat and risk is achievable by development of three broad strategies:

  • Identify
  • Monitor
  • Mitigate

 We will identify subjects, quickly establish a presence on groups and forums - enabling us to monitor their group communications (including the dark web) and identify any threats they may pose.

POC Management has access to state of the art online investigation tools and has invested heavily in Open Source software, which grants us access to circa 170 databases of consented data to analyse. We currently use various investigation software packages (OSCID, IBM i2, etc.), which develops connections and outputs very quickly and will be the basis of developing an interactive database, which will guide and develop our monitoring strategy.

The intelligence picture will develop over time and will be supported by regular recommendations to mitigate any immediate or developing threat to the projects. Of course, intelligence obtained may also be positive, indicating that current mitigation measures are effective.

We utilise our threat analysis in two ways:

             i.              As a stand-alone service to detect and monitor threat;

             ii.       In partnership with our Security activities, creating an Intelligence-Led Specialist Security Service to actively mitigate the risks identified.

This, along with our vast experience of performing Threat Analysis for other major builds means that POC are ideally placed to provide Threat Intelligence and Analysis, while being able to provide additional services to further mitigate the risks.