POC Management has unrivalled experience and expertise in the handling of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS).

Whether it involves the deployment of one of our highly skilled undercover Operatives, the sensitive debriefing of a whistle-blower, or the handling of a source from within your organisation, we assess the best approach, we provide expert management and we minimise the risks.

Our CHIS Operatives are fully trained and have extensive and appropriate experience from within public sector organisations and private companies. They are widely experienced in a variety of work environments – including offices, warehouses, logistics and supply chain organisations, within criminal networks, and many more.

We carry out full risk assessments and draw up a comprehensive scope of investigation document with our client, making sure we are working towards the same goals whilst guarding your organisation’s reputation. Only after assessing all the factors involved will a CHIS operation be authorised at Director Level.

Both during and at the end of each operation we can provide you with compliant and comprehensive documentation, keeping you up to date with progress and supplying evidence and reports.

We utilise the latest technologies to provide you with real-time activity reports and feedback. We have highly experienced asset handlers that can help to produce a complete evidential package for you to utilise with any further action.

We apply the strict Codes of Practice pursuant to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) to all our activities, regardless of whether it is legally required or not, to safeguard all involved and ensure proportionality and necessity.

We have a proven track record and can advise you on how best to meet your organisation’s needs.