Cyber Security


Cyber attacks are an ever-growing criminal act in the UK, with over 2 million global victims of cyber-crime recorded in 2017 and damage to the global economy estimated at £360 billion.

Cyber Crimes can include:

            • Fraud and Financial Crimes

            • Cyber Terrorism

            • Cyber Extortion

            • Cyberwarfare

            • Harassment

            • Theft

Computers, servers and networks are targeted and look to take advantage of low cyber security measures. Gaining access to your network will then allow them to disrupt your system and use your data against you.

Our Cyber experts can help to protect your business systems and put processes in place to further safeguard against this cyber intrusion and vastly improve your information security.

We will do this in three stages:

     1.      Perform an audit of your system – look for weaknesses that are easy to exploit.

     2.      Create a list of recommendations to bolster your cyber network.

     3.      Help to implement changes to improve the overall robustness of your information security procedures.

Working to BS27001, our experts will ensure that you have sufficient cyber security in place and can implement changes to your working practices to deliver high standards of information security.