Open Source


Most investigations benefit from an initial Open Source intelligence gathering stage. This enhances the overall knowledge of the subject(s) and can sometimes fulfil the entire brief without any further investigative actions.

Our skilled investigators have notable experience in building online investigations, collating data and filtering through a database of information to produce useful intelligence.

Open Source information can be obtained legally and ethically from public sources; either free or via paid for databases. This information can be found all over the internet, but it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to find, investigate and develop this information into NIM-graded intelligence.

 Our Investigators, trained by a former College of Police Cyber Crime lecturer, have the skills and methods to find the sources and develop the information into useful intelligence.  We know how to interrogate data, maintain anonymity, and record, save and handle data professionally. We utilise advanced searching techniques, investigate footprints and can obtain full history of social media use.

 We have invested heavily to enhance our capabilities by gaining access to over 170 data streams with fast searching facilities, meaning we can quickly ascertain if an investigation is worth progressing with.

 This database is used extensively by the Law Enforcement Authorities and provides a definitive view of whether information can be found online, on the deep web and on any registers or social media. If the database finds nothing, the chances are it does not exist!

We can investigate a specific person or organisation to gather a multitude of information. We then provide a comprehensive intelligence package that is ready to be acted upon, either with further investigations or by using it as evidence.