POC's STAR Standard is our model for providing and maintaining the highest level in security


POC Operatives are dedicated security professionals who are highly experienced, often having come from law enforcement or military backgrounds. They are highly trained with specialist skills, such as Counter Terrorism, Conflict Management, Investigations & Intelligence and Technical Security Measures, meaning you get multiple sought-after skill sets in one: military quality disciplined professional Security Operatives, with security management, investigative skills and legislative knowledge, who can utilise and maintain the technology available to them to maximum effect.

We specialise in a variety of arenas, from construction and infrastructure projects to logistics and asset protection in transit. Intelligence-led, high-calibre, proactive and risk-aware Operatives with a good understanding of criminality, coupled with smart management and planning, has meant that we have delivered zero crime in all of our specialist security services. A hybrid of site dedicated Operatives, Mobile Support Units (MSU) and Technology allows us to provide an efficient and effective asset protection service.


We can provide high quality imagery which is remotely monitored in real-time at the POC Control & Command Centre located at POC HQ. The camera’s analytical functions enable the camera system to set boundaries that are triggered when crossed, sending an alarm to our Control & Command Centre, while other cameras track the intruder. Perimeter detection systems can also be deployed to protect a whole site or a specific area containing high value assets. To add further security, our team of experts can install robust access control (including biometrics) and intruder alarm systems to your premises.

We can also use technology to secure assets during transit by using covert GPS trackers. Typically used for plant or high value materials, we are able to view where it is at all times on a global footing. We can Geo-fence areas to ensure the asset does not stray from where it should be and to receive a real-time alert if it does. The covert nature of the trackers means they are key tools for investigations, and similarly we can utilise covert cameras in key areas to detect criminality.

Our teams communicate directly using the latest 128-bit encrypted technology, with integral GPS tracking facilities, and emergency panic alarm function. Our investment in smart technology means we can remotely track, monitor and manage our teams on the ground, view and control cameras remotely and track high value assets all from our dedicated Control & Command Centre.


We constantly analyse all data-streams to develop actionable intelligence and to measure and improve our performance. By adopting the SARA principal (Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment), we have robust problem solving processes in place to effectively manage our services.

Analysis of incidents and discovering patterns to include hot-spots/cold-spots helps us to focus on those areas and develop remedial action. Similarly, by analysing our own performance through SMART KPI measures, spot checks and client feedback we can identify improvement and training needs.

Live-time Interaction with our teams, clients, the public and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) facilitates the flow of vital information. As our Control & Command Centre is the single point of contact, we are able to receive information from a number of sources, which can then be analysed, NIM-graded and utilised to provide an intelligence-led approach. The intelligence picture can be used to identify threats and risks, which allows us to make educated and informed operational decisions to mitigate such risk.


The response to our analysis is a vital part of our STAR Standard - the point at which we dedicate our resources and based upon our analysis to deliver an improved service.

As a unique intelligence-led security function, there is a huge variety of mitigation measures we can and do employ, while remaining extremely cost-effective. Typical responses may be a change in patrol routes, the repositioning of cameras or added security signage to deter offenders. We may have to deploy more specialist methods such as covert tactics, or added resources, such as CCTV cameras or even additional Security Operatives.

We continue to analyse all aspects of our projects and respond in the most effective way, making the STAR process an ongoing cycle of best practice and professionalism.